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Trees can be a magnificent feature on your property or they can be a worry, either way they require correct management. This is especially true for land owners that have trees in close proximity to the public. It is a lawful requirement that those trees are maintained by the owner as they will be held accountable for any damage. It is not always obvious why a particular tree may be dying, nor is it always terminal. However, the trees condition can be assessed and further tree surgery work can be recommended.

Tree Surveys and Reports:


  • Visual tree assessments
  • Aerial climbing inspections
  • Tree condition reports.
  • Risk and safety reports. 'QTRA registered' 
  • Bs5837 Development site reports.
  • Mortgage reports
  • Tree preservation law (T.P.O) advice and applications.
  • Advice and specifications for remedial work.
  • Tree management plans









The success of a tree's life is governed by its beginning. There are three factors to consider when ensuring you will have a happy and healthy tree:

  • The right tree for the right location.

For example, soil conditons and quality, sun levels, space etc.

  • Correct planting.

Correct depth, pit size, stake and tie method.

  • Aftercare:

Watering, feeding, formative pruning, mulching.

If you allow me to assess the conditions and scenario, I can plan and deliver the best start in life for your tree.

Tree Surgery


  • Crown reductions and thinning.
  • Crown raising.
  • Felling and dismantle's.
  • Formative pruning.
  • Target pruning and removal of hazardous branches etc.
  • Dead-wood removal.
  • Dynamic Bracing system installation (cobra).
  • Hedge-trimming.
  • Woodland management.



It is always important to check that the Tree Surgeon has all relevant qualifications, insurance and permission before any tree work is carried out.


Freelance Climbing.


  • Broad experience, including large Tree removals and high ammenity reductions in confined area's.
  • Extensive up-to-date kit and equipment.
  • Reputable, working with highly regarded companies.
  • Experience with Crane assisted tree removals.







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